Friday, December 10, 2010

About Us

We are just three women who love to cook and needed an easy way to share recipes with each other. We decided, why don't we just share the love with everyone?! We hope you enjoy reading and trying out all of these recipes.

Pam is the mom. She loves cooking and can make just about anything from scratch! Everyone loves her homemade whole wheat bread the most. She also loves doing research and coming up with her own healthy versions of classic favorites.

Haley is the daughter. Between her college studies in piano performance and other demands on her time, Haley has the gift of creating quick, simple, and delicious meals. She also has her mother's knack of making recipes healthier.

Rochelle is the daughter and sister in-law, and wife of Austin (the son of Pam and brother of Haley).  She is currently studying Family & Consumer Science Education (Home Economics Education) and loves her cooking and nutrition classes the most! Although it was one of her hardest classes, she loved food science and learning all the chemistry behind why food works the way it does. She loves making foods with lots of flavor and trying foods she's never had before.

We hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as well love sharing it!

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